The Empowered
Health Foundation

connects the human body on an
emotional and physical level
throughout early, mid and late life.

The Healing House

is a divine home to reconnect to
your soul, heal generational
wounds and transcend into peace.

The Empowered
Health Foundation

is introducing a new healthcare
journey of the soul,
from childhood to the end of life.


During childhood, we help engage kids' inner spirituality and minds through physical movement so they can achieve success in and out of the classroom.

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In midlife, we help people unravel the pain, illness and disease found in their physical body simultaneously connecting it to their emotional and spiritual root in order to revive their life.

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At the end of life, we help people review their lives, make peace with their families and leave a new legacy as the sunset of life nears.

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“We need not fight against disease, we need to make peace within ourselves, our families & our world.” - EHF

EMPOWERED HEALTH™: The Empowered Health Foundation connects the human body on an emotional and physical level throughout early, mid and late life.

BRAINCORE connects and engages children’s minds with their bodies by implementing physical activity and the basic building blocks of education.

Kid’s imaginations are a powerful thing, and it’s becoming terribly common to find schools that focus on the tedious points of learning at a desk instead of engaging outside the classroom for enrichment purposes. Children are then diagnosed with mental disorders and are prescribed medicine instead of having an individual take the time to help them harness this energy that they possess, into something constructive.

RECONNECTION helps people reconnect to what they find intrinsically important. Sometimes in midlife, we lose who we are because of choices or behavioral patterns we may engage in, or a disease that has disconnected us from the life we want.

Conversely, relationship loss through death, divorce or estrangement, can disable us too. These disconnections manifest in our bodies and turn into disease, chronic pain, and chronic inflammation that leave us merely surviving instead of thriving in our lives.

Often times, generational behavioral patterns drive us, most times unconsciously, to make the same mistakes our ancestors have made. For example, we see fathers walk out on their family’s generation after generation. Abandonment and fear become the central emotion that governs these families and relegates their lives to a “survival mode” existence.

Lastly, at the end of life, these generational wounds, lost relationships, regrets and disease can often spin us into debilitating physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

TRANSCENDENCE occurs near the end of a person’s life. At Empowered Health Foundation, our hope is to assist them in harnessing, the universal process of Life Review. This is a developmental process of life, as fundamental to the human experience as a baby rising from crawling to walking.

Life Review is the process of the mind, reflecting and looking back over the life lived as the last chapter or sunset of life nears. You’ve heard of someone saying he’s taking stock of his life. This is natural, and something that, if we tap into, can help people live an empowered life and transcend the ailments that often disable, disconnect and isolate us at the end of our time.


The Empowered Health Foundation teaches physical and spiritual strengthening to highlight the importance of the human soul beginning in early education and continuing through one’s healthcare journey.




We envision an awakening of people who accept personal responsibility for their health while believing in the power of their spirit and the body’s natural ability to repair itself. We wish for a renewal of humanity filled with enthusiastic individuals, loving families and a community enlivened with soul.

Empowered Health Foundation is a non-profit organization that I created to connect the human body to the soul, which fundamentally promotes a higher level of consciousness and being. If we stay connected at a young age with our physical body we can develop good habits so we don’t have to spend years unraveling them to the source of our pain, illness and disease.

BRAINCORE is healthcare prevention. We are at a brink of a crucial societal shift to reawaken the importance of the journey on this Earth.

RECONNECTION is the unwinding of life’s experiences in our human anatomy to relay the inner message of empowerment in order to fulfill our quest in this lifetime.

As we stay deeply rooted to our purpose, we fulfill our soul’s mission into TRANSCENDENCE, which leaves a legacy of peace to our loved ones with an overall rise in the vibration of humanity.



“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.“ - Franklin D. Roosevelt

After a decade of working with adult clients, I decided to swing the pendulum the other way and work with younger children. I want to help prevent the destructive patterns I see manifesting into pain and disease in my adult patients, by intervening with children early in life. It’s easier, and less expensive, to teach kids a proper gait, fine motor movements, balance, and proprioception at the start of life, than it is to unravel twenty or more years of destructive movement patterns in adults.

So, I stepped into my children’s kindergarten and first grade classrooms at Fremont Elementary School with the gracious help of their teachers, who supported the idea. Each week, our team would teach the kids specific motor development skills. We worked on seemingly simple things like skipping, to more complicated movements, like hitting a tennis ball with a racquet. We did this in the morning as it aids in the development of focus and readiness for the day’s activities found in the classroom. We discovered that the kids who struggle the most with following directions or performing our physical activities are often the same kids struggling in the classroom. Likewise, when a child suddenly soars through our exercises it usually coincides with some successful leaps in school. It’s the magic of the mind-body connection at work!

Our focus on proper movement as a means to success in school benefits all kids, but it is particularly meaningful for kids who may not be the top reader, yet feel strong and confident when they move their body. Our movement program gives those kids a chance to shine. That confidence carries over into the classroom and helps them focus on the tasks that are more challenging for them. We need a different way to access the brain, not just handing students books to read and then waiting to see when it clicks (if it ever does). Every week we see our rhythmic and non-competitive movements making a difference in these kids further propelling them through school and life.

I want PROJECTbraincore to connect kids’ bodies with their minds in order to sharpen their focus and help them succeed in school and life! If we can instruct children how to focus the energy within their bodies we can improve their health, ability to read, classroom behavior and self-esteem. 

This is where your support comes in, giving every child a chance to shine!

Our greatest challenge for PROJECTbraincore is shifting the mindset on education, if only just a bit! Education is not memorization. Education is allowing each child to know his or her own gifts. We need physical therapists in schools teaching motor control and well-trained physical education teachers monitoring the children in their activities. Our posture tells an entire story about what’s happening on the inside. We want to help these kids walk tall and confidently in the direction of their dreams!

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PROJECTbraincore helps engage kids’ inner spirituality and minds through physical movement so they can achieve success in and out of the classroom.




We hope to implement PROJECTbraincore into the national standards of public elementary school education. By using our physical body to access our minds we are giving all children a chance to shine.

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Help us reach school administrators to implement PROJECTbraincore into our public elementary education. Give of your time, energy, connection or monetary donation! We believe our program will boost kids confidence and self-esteem while ultimately connecting them to their true purpose in life. We have faith that Empowered Health Foundation can make a difference in drug and alcohol addiction by keeping a child connected to their self-worth from an early age.

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"I am an active part of my healing." - EHF

Dear Soul,
Wake up so you can finally listen to that voice you have been trying to ignore. It’s time to take personal responsibility for yourself and the health of your body. You must recognize the patterns in your life that no longer are serving you and are in need of change. This is the turning point where you begin to understand the depth of past hurts and emotional pain you and your family have been carrying for generations. These traumas have been causing suffering or disease in your body for too long. Encourage yourself to take the road less traveled.

Be courageous by revealing the truth of your life and voice your true feelings. Learn how to listen to your inner self and your body. Stop destructive patterns and build healthy new habits for yourself and your children so that they don’t have to live in your torment. Be strong-minded so you can shift your inner compass to a well-nourished body. Trust that you are on the horizon of an illuminated path to embodied freedom, joy and a love for this life.

We hear you,
Empowered Health Foundation™

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We encourage you to unravel and extract all the darkness and shadows from the story of your life. It may include trauma or emotional patterns that have been handed down for generations. It’s important to deal with the issues that have caused you pain and make a connection to disease and suffering. Pain and disease inevitably create barriers between family members that are both physical and mental. When you begin to investigate and meditate on your past you’re paving a way to make peace with not only yourself but loved ones as well. In taking these proactive steps toward self-healing, you will stop the perpetual cycle that may have become embedded in your generation and move forward with a fresh heart and spirit.

However, many times self-healing is disregarded. Over the decades, pain and disease have been treated with more medication, injections and surgeries because it’s simply easier and more convenient. Instead, choose to take part in your healing process by listening to your inner self and mindfully connecting to your body. Unlike traditional medicine where a lot of times you’re masking the true problem, at EHF we dig deeper to heal you from the inside (soul) out (body). We must acknowledge the power of our spirit and the natural ability the body has to repair itself.

Once you begin the process of self-healing an entirely new world will open for you that’s not just healthy but emotionally satisfying as well. You’ll be able to discern what’s important in life and you’ll find a well of confidence that you never thought possible. When you begin to reach into this well you’ll find the courage to bring forth your personal gifts into this world.

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Empowered Health Foundation guides you on a journey to health and wholeness by combining a unique blend of understanding and journaling about past and present hurts. We assist you in opening the emotional body by moving and engaging the physical body, which ultimately redirects the mind. “

“Pain is the birth of consciousness.”
– Carl Jung 

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We envision an awakening of people who accept personal responsibility for their health while believing in the power of their spirit and the body’s natural ability to repair itself. We wish for a renewal of humanity filled with enthusiastic individuals, loving families and a community enlivened with soul.

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Help guide a person back through the history of their life to develop a relationship between the timeline of events and symptoms to uncover generational patterns asking for peace within the bloodlines.

Through sponsorship we’re able to offer this as a gift, so people will be open, worry-free and grateful with no financial excuses. Those sponsored will understand its value by experiencing the results and paying it forward with their story.

We hope to make an impact on the future of healthcare with a substantial amount of healing success stories through one’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Please donate to help empower a soul to health…give in glory and be a part of one’s path.

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"Nothing can happen more beautiful than death." - Walt Whitman

Spirituality at the end of life encompasses understanding that we are part of something greater than ourselves and that the wisdom gained through a lifetime of experiences is collective wisdom that must be passed down to our family, community and society as a whole. Though you may feel you are dimming at the end of life as your body ages, we are here to rekindle your life energy to remind you that, in fact, you are at your wisest and brightest
at the end of your life.

The Body Story and Core Work of Transcendence entail a body scan and physical exam to pinpoint where the disease, ailments and pain are. The next step is a Life Review Interview. Life Review has been described as a movie screen in the back of your mind replaying scenes from your past that enable you to pass on wisdom gained from those times of conflict or triumph. We help people to record that wisdom through life story documentary video interviews.

Together, the Body Story Guide and the Life Review Guide, synthesize a holistic plan that includes core, energy work to heal generational wounds, estranged relationships and prepare for the end of life. We want to avoid this stage of life with fear and empower ourselves with the greatest wisdom gained over a lifetime so we can transcend the fear of death that often haunt us in our final chapter of life.

In America, we are a youth-centered culture that loses sight of wisdom that we have in the sunset of our lives. What we don’t realize is that an
individual’s life is like a supernova, brightest and wisest at its end. Aging is a time to empower our body and mind with inner wisdom and passthat on to the next generation so we know that our life lives on.

The life story process is the key to unlocking generational wounds so that we don’t continue to pass down a legacy of pain and disease to the next generations.

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At Empowered Health Foundation we want to refrain from the horror and hopelessness of death and shift into more transcendent feelings of awe, wonder and beauty.

We want end of life care to be more comprehensive, to encompass an expressive approach that encourages you to TELL YOUR STORY and to sit down with your family to heal generational wounds and leave a legacy of love.

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  • • We want death to feel more like life.
  • • Encourage us to start making peace with the inevitability of dying and start making decisions to shape its other aspects here and now, not only at the last moment.
  • • Transmit messages of love and memories amongst family.
  • • Move from estate planning to story building.
  • • Palliative care- empathetic approach to medicine and end of life care that considers the many nuanced emotional, spiritual and physical experiences of the patient and his or her overall well-being, rather than formulaically treating a medical condition.
  • • The Healing House will feel deeply spiritual.
  • • Dying is a humane act, not just a medical one.
  • • Talk about end of life in an enriched way.
  • • Die a meaningful death.
  • • Enlightened healthcare. 

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According to in 2015, about 589,430 U.S. residents are expected to die of cancer. That’s more than 1600 people a day. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S., exceeded only by heart disease. In the U.S., cancer accounts for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths.

Let’s look a little deeper. There are 5 major emotional undercurrents of cancer: anger, guilt, resentment, shame and grief. We can find these emotions inside ourselves if we really look within and at our family dynamics. For example, if your mother or father were physically absent in your life you may have likely stored anger toward them. If you were the absent father or mother, you may have stored guilt or resentment. Perhaps you were a victim of molestation, you would most likely store shame and anger. And maybe you are of a different ethnicity other than Caucasian, such as Mexican American or African American that feels unheard and misunderstood and possibly you have stored all of the emotions listed.

These secrets are imprinted in the cells of your body, and these imprints could potentially be deadly information circulating through your veins. To clear this data you must learn your inner vision, how to read your own body.

Generation after generation we keep handing down these destructive emotional patterns to our children and project them onto those around us creating much suffering, pain and disease within our lives. But healing isn’t the responsibility of just the sick; loved ones surrounding that person are responsible as well. Everyone must be accountable and hear each other’s stories and understand their own lessons as well as those affected with disease to resolve unfinished business.

Disease may be the catalyst to feel the pain within the family, which opens the consciousness for everyone to wake up and fulfill what the family desires within their bloodlines. Being heard and understood fills us with unconditional love. Remember, the number one cause of death is heart dis-ease meaning without ease of the heart or having a painful heart. We need love within ourselves, our families and our communities.

“Heal your family’s bloodlines and leave a new emotional legacy for your children.”
– EHF –

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Help guide a person back through the history of their life to develop a relationship between the timeline of events and symptoms to uncover generational patterns asking for peace within the bloodlines. Through sponsorship we’re able to offer this as a gift, so people will be open,
worry-free and grateful with no financial excuses. Those sponsored will understand its value by experiencing the results and paying it forward
with their story. We hope to make an impact on the future of health care with a substantial amount of healing success stories
through one’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Your donation will contribute to help build The Healing House.

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We use archetypal patterning to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge of your life experiences. We then connect the dots to the negative patterns found in your physical body that have left you in pain, whether with an illness or a disease. It’s a process where we help you Establish The Root Cause of your pain/illness, Connect at the Soul Level and Rebuild Your Physical Body…. a journey which reveals your BODY’s STORY.



Archetypal Patterning

Your Sacred Contract is a soul document composed of twelve archetypes that have the most influence over your day-to-day life, including relationships, career, finances, fear and health patterns. This contract shines light on the purpose and meaning in your life by guiding you into the agreements we’re intended to learn in this existence.

We help you become conscious of the archetypal patterns influencing both your behavior and the pain or disease that resides within you. We bring about this enlightenment so that your choices and lessons will be positive, releasing the negative emotions that are not serving you, ultimately leading you on the path to empowered health.

What is an Archetype?

Archetypes are the architects of our lives. They are energetic patterns within us that help us understand who we are as individuals. Archetypes are also a source of spiritual wisdom and authenticity that, when activated, give us a sense of meaning in our lives. Acting like a mirror, archetypes can help you see and understand the underlying reasons for the patterns of your life, even pain and disease.

Each archetype has both its strengths and weaknesses. When you are aware of your archetypes and understand your typical ways of behaving and relating, you can capitalize upon those strengths and guard against the archetype’s weaknesses (your underdeveloped traits). Our spiritual challenge with any archetype is to face our fear and recognize the opportunity it presents in order to learn its inherent lesson while ultimately developing an aspect of personal power. The more you function, within the strengths of your inherent archetype, the stronger and more confident you will become, the more control you will have over your life, and the better prepared you will be to make choices that create the life you want – free of pain and illness.

Spiritual Strength

The soul has been said to be located in the lower abdomen for human beings. In the physical world, the lower abdomen is comprised of your “core” muscles, transverse abdominis being the deepest, most important and often overlooked and unknown to many. On the other hand, the energy body houses this area as the second chakra that governs the emotional connection to our community, creativity and procreation in our lives. As a person connects to the emotional root of their pain or disease we see a sense of mourning for what life could have been, leaving their soul empty.

Along the journey, and after exploring the root cause of the disease, one’s body typically feels a sense of weakness and vulnerability ~ a humbled state. It seems to be an awakening to all of life’s mysteries and secrets that have been planted and hidden away. This is where we begin to open the body, flushing out stagnant energy while building inner core strength.


“If your pain had a voice, what would it say?”

For 25 years there has been evidence-based research conducted on the correlation between writing down stressful life experiences and positive physiologic changes. Therapeutic writing can help you learn to listen and communicate with your inner self by asking sincere questions and writing down what you hear. Journal-keeping can help observe habits that promote wellness or ones that are contributing to pain and disease. Resentment, anger, guilt, shame, and bottled-up grief block access to the healer within. You can release past hurts and judgments within the safe container of your journal and extend forgiveness to yourself and others while making peace within your body.

Physical Strength

We are using the healthcare profession of Physical Therapy in a whole new way by encompassing physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being. We use various forms of manual therapies and energetic techniques to help restore one’s body to health. Depending on the needs of the individual, we associate with several masters in the areas of Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Hypnosis and Homeopathy.

We value the importance of centered strength using intelligent forms of movement such as Pilates and Gyrotonic® that build inner soul power and transform while at the same time strengthening the abdomen, the main support structure for our physical body. This mindful work reinforces the conscious connection from the brain to the physical feeling of the human body. This helps to break old habits and open alternative patterns of thought throughout the body in hopes to see different patterns and change within one’s life. This work connects to a deeper sense of one’s self while developing spiritual endurance and balance that is needed for their journey toward health.

Each method has been selectively chosen to directly influence the neuromuscular system and enhance the mind and body connection. We hope to elevate the life force energy within a person by the power of human touch to give them a feeling of being alive, happy and healthy.

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