Jasmine’s Story


By Gina Calderone

She walked in, in utter desperation. A beautiful young woman holding it all together for her child, her parents, her co-workers and clientele. The headaches and neck pain pushed against her bright smile, splitting her in two. Right before my eyes, she fell apart into a million pieces—unable to hold it together any longer. Intuitively I could hear her cries, one woman to another, the pleas to make it all go away.

These moments, yes these are when my job seems effortless. It takes hardly any energy to put forth heart in these situations. Seriously, what else are you supposed to do for a vulnerable human who’s exposing one’s own soul?

You hug her, that’s what you do.

You tell her, “Everything will be okay.”

She needed to fall, and I needed to be there assuring her that it’s okay to break. I wanted to hear what happened. I wanted to know the story. I wanted her to feel my love.

For the past year, she had been suffering through crippling migraines. Each time she saw her doctor she was prescribed more and more medicine. First Lmitrex, which is designed specifically for migraines and cluster headaches.

It didn’t work.

Next, she went through four different trials of various anti-depressants.

It didn’t work.

Lastly, she was given anti-seizure medication, Topomax, leaving her “spaced-out” and dysfunctional.

It didn’t work.

Here’s where western medicine hits a dead-end and the soul work begins. Medications and traditional treatments failed her, and she needed a different approach. Her doctors didn’t suggest any alternative therapies so bumping into a healer was the only way. Finding health in the soul was her last option.

She walked into my studio deflated. She said the medications had worn her out and now she was left feeling weak with low energy, which I had already sensed. However, what I was also feeling was the weight of her soul. It was heavy, heavy because she had a story that she didn’t know needed to be told.

The longer we wait, the more the weight- g.

I slid my hand under her lower back as she laid out on my table. Her teary eyes staring up towards the ceiling.

“What happened?” I whispered.

Her inner flood gates opened and tears began to roll down her cheeks. Not only was she suffering from migraines, but she had recently been diagnosed with a female reproductive cancer. My intuition picked up that she had an inner conflict with her feminine energy. Her multiple cysts and tumors were just little symbols. Little symbols of anger, sadness, and despair that had become lodged in her sweet spirit.

She was hesitant to tell me her story, but I felt that it was crucial to shed light on this darkness. To be perfectly frank, in my mind it was a life or death choice. She wanted so badly for all the pain to evaporate but it doesn’t until you have to courage to find and extract it from your body. We must call up the wound.

Ten years prior, due to tradition, she was forced into an arranged marriage. Her parents were ecstatic that a wealthy man wanted to marry their beautiful daughter. This man spotted her when she was very young and waited for her to turn 18-years-old, becoming an adult. The day finally arrived where she could be legally wed, and she had the most fairytale wedding. Again her parents were overjoyed because their daughter would most certainly be taken care of for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, this came with a heavy price—her soul.

On their wedding night, her husband stole her virginity. It was his only goal for 9 months. From that day forward, he left her to the help and strayed in their marriage. She was young, beautiful, and played the part of his wife perfectly to the outside world. However, inside their home, he starved her of love and attention. He emotionally raped her. He took her light, her intimacy, and her connection to life.

And she wonders why she’s been afflicted by migraines and cancer. It’s because of this deep-seeded pain that disease came forth and burrowed itself in her mind and body. It’s something that cannot be labeled or medically diagnosed—there is no medicinal cure.

Instead, the only solution is to practice soul healing. Sure, it may be non-traditional, but it does work. And that, my friends, is why it’s so important to look inwards and maintain a positive and healthy spirit. You know where to find me when you’re ready.

Xx, g.

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