We’re currently looking for Physical Therapist volunteers as well as Kinesiology Interns and Personal Trainers who have the ability to connect with our young clients. Once trust has been established you’ll empower and assist them to use their physical bodies for good life choices.

Completing service hours for your school or organization doesn’t have to be a chore. Partnering with Braincore kids is a meaningful way to engage with the next generation and make a difference.

If you identify with our mission to assist children in connecting their bodies to their minds then we’d love to have you!


Are you a Healer?

Have you helped others mend wounds that have crossed from generation to generation?

In order for someone to be reborn into a happier self we need Therapists and Guides that’ll lead our clients down a road of peace and forgiveness.

To join us as a volunteer, please get in touch with us.

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